Initially known as Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) due to its function as a Branch Office of Imperial Chemical Industries PLC UK, CIC has had an eventful history of over 50 years.
Accountability and always holding ourselves to deliver what we promise.
Customer Satisfaction and ensuring that our customers are provided with quality products and services, after sales service as well as advisory services.
Good Governance by adhering to Rules, Regulations and the Laws of the Domicile.
Integrity by being ethical and transparent in our dealings
Mutual Respect and treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity
Open-Door Policy and encouraging effective two-way communication at all levels to maintain good employee relationships.
Protection of Environment by adhering to the highest environmental, health and safety standards.
Quality and always striving to enhance the quality of our products and services through enhanced performance via continuous improvements to processes.
Sustainability and always trying to achieve a healthy rate of growth and profitability while conserving resources without endangering the future.
A self-aware conglomerate, CIC builds itself on 8 key pillars that stand for what CIC represents and values... More
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"Top line growth of 3%, asset growth of 2% and a return to profitability demonstrate our commitment to our corporate vision... More
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