At CIC, we nurture growth. As a leader in Sri Lanka's agribusiness, food production, FMCG, and chemical industries, we develop professionals who share our commitment to growth, quality, and integrity. We set the foundation for their success by giving our employees industry-best facilities, training and rewards. CIC employees are also given the privilege of rolling up their sleeves and working alongside some of Sri Lanka's most talented professionals.

We have established a truly meritocratic work culture at CIC, guaranteeing our employees the professional freedom they need to reach their fullest potential. Our open-door policy ensures that there are ample opportunities for knowledge-sharing and mentorship. We invest heavily in our professional development programmes because we understand the importance of nurturing the future. These programmes focus on both soft skills, such as leadership and management training, as well as technical capabilities. We believe that helping our employees grow is the key to fostering our own development.

We are dedicated to developing the whole individual. We understand that by supporting our employees' various endeavours and interests, we are able to enrich their professional lives and the community at large. For example, we champion our employees' involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. We also encourage them to participate in sports and numerous company-organized events, which we believe are key to their continued development as CIC professionals. We believe that by nurturing life, we nurture our employees' growth.

After all, at CIC, we are committed to nurturing life.
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