CIC re-launches website with enhanced user experience

CIC re-launches website with enhanced user experience

8th August 2017, COLOMBO:  CIC Holdings PLC, one of the leading blue-chip conglomerates in the country, re-launched their website with a refreshing new outlook that includes easy navigation with user-friendly features taking user experience to a whole new level. This was following the launch of its new corporate logo last year themed with a ‘Starburst’ symbol, breathing new life and meaning into the services rendered by the diversified conglomerate.

CIC which began as one of the major contributors to the industrial sector since its inception in 1964 has successfully diversified its products and services into multiple industries. Reflecting their momentous success while encapsulating the quintessence of the company’s core values, the new website with improved features is a progressive step to place the brand ahead of its competition.

The new CIC website offers easy navigation throughout, and is regularly updated with the latest news on corporate events. CIC has included in its latest features a segment to share employee experience at CIC, along with streamlined access and strategically enhanced social media outreach.

Last year CIC released their new logo to the media under the new ‘Starburst’ symbol, portraying the convergence of CIC’s various business entities towards one common purpose in conjunction with a divergence of positive impact within their respective sectors. CIC believes the new logo will embrace and unify the diverse businesses of the group into one powerful entity with the aim of providing products and services, our nation needs on its journey to prosperity.

About CIC Holdings PLC

CIC is a leading blue chip conglomerate in Sri Lanka with decades-long heritage. Its business portfolio extends into the areas of Agri Produce, Health & Personal Care, Livestock Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Crop Solutions.