The Health & Personal Care sector includes baby care, herbal care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and personal care. A unique blend of indigenous and globally reputed brands ensures that this sector remains relevant to changing consumer preferences and across many market segments.


The Group’s Health & Personal Care sector caters to the needs of increasingly discerning Sri Lankan consumers supporting their health and well-being through a range of locally manufactured and imported products. Comprising a range of trusted brands, these products are made available island wide through a distribution network that is ranked amongst the top ten networks in the country. A unique blend of indigenous and globally reputed brands ensures that this sector remains relevant to changing consumer preferences and across many market segments.


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Baby Care

CIC Holdings has had a partnership of over 50 years with the internationally renowned Johnson & Johnson Group bringing the Johnson’s Baby range of baby care products to the local market. Johnson’s Baby products have been used in Sri Lanka over several generations, but still remains the first choice for mothers in Sri Lanka. It is also strengthened by an efficient island-wide distribution network.

Product Range

Johnson’s believes that every baby deserves more: more enriching experiences, more sounds, more smells, more sights, and more touch. With this in mind, Johnson’s Baby products have been designed to deliver more.


The Johnson’s Baby range has more than 70 products available in Sri Lanka, which include products for baby massaging, bathing, moisturising (creams and lotions), refreshing and nappy care, such as baby soap, baby wash, baby bath, baby oil, baby hair oil, baby cream, baby lotion, baby powder, baby wipes, and baby cologne, also special gift packs which feature a collection of Johnson’s baby products are available in leading sales outlets.

‘So much more’

Johnson’s Baby products are designed to encourage multisensory experiences. Multisensory stimulation can promote improved social emotional, cognitive and physical development in babies. Every day rituals such as bath time are ideal opportunities to create multisensorial experiences through what a baby fells, sees, hears and smell. Enrich sensorial experience of bath time over 100 of baby care experience developing Safe, Mild and Effective products helping to create lasting memories. Johnson’s So much more has touched the hearts of millions of mothers by educating the best way to enhance bath time also stimulate a baby’s senses and to provide parents with the chance to develop a baby’s ability to learn, love, and grow. It’s not just about cleansing, moisturising and massaging; it’s because every baby deserves more, Johnson’s So much more.

Our Commitment to Safety

You will always look to keep your baby safe, and so will we. Your baby’s safety comes first in every product we make and set the standards in the industry, our standard goes beyond government required safety standards. This builds on our promise to develop products that are safe and mild provide the highest levels of comfort, and are optimized to nurture happy and healthy babies. Every Johnson’s product is developed based on insights in partnership with three key groups of Medical Professionals Including Pediatricians, Pediatric dermatologists, Nurses and Midwives. This will help to understanding of your baby’s every need. Developing a new product requires extensive research, review and testing — and discussions with moms like you at every step of the way. Johnson’s has understand babies’ unique need and the special care their skin, hair and eyes need. We have conducted more than 1000 clinical trials covering over 8,000 ingredients and 4,500 volunteers. Before any new JOHNSON’S® baby product becomes available for your baby.


This is reflected in every one of its products. Johnson’s baby has been producing the best quality baby care products that carries the international seal of JOHNSON’S® commitment of the Triple Baby Protection promise.


So now, every JOHNSON’S® baby product in Sri Lanka carries the international seal of JOHNSON’S® commitment. JOHNSON’S® TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION


Safe Mild Effective




  1. SAFE – Our products are dermatologically and clinically proven to contain only the safest ingredients
  2. MILD – Our products are mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin
  3. EFFECTIVE – Our products effectively care for their healthy skin development


Safe, Mild and Effective – the Triple Baby Protection promise by JOHNSON’S.


The promise of Triple Baby Protection®, which guarantees their commitment in providing care that is safe, mild, and effective. It ensures that Johnson’s Baby products are the safest and mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin, and effectively care for the development of a baby’s healthy skin.

Our unique initiatives

‘First Lesson in Love’

In a unique initiative, Johnson’s Baby Sri Lanka successfully completed the 100th episode of its television programme ‘First Lesson in Love’ on ITN, hosted by celebrity mom Ms. Yehali Sangakkara. This has become the No. 1 baby care programme in Sri Lanka due to its valuable content. Doctors/Healthcare professionals and parents are invited on the show to share their views and discuss and debate important topics related to childcare, thereby imparting valuable knowledge to the audience. In addition to the TV show, Johnson’s Baby reiterates its position as a ‘baby care expert’ by conducting educational programmes around the island on baby care.

The largest online mom and baby community on Facebook

Johnson’s Baby has been particularly active in the sphere of social media. Its Sri Lankan Facebook fan page has more than 100,000 fans, where it nurtures and grows the largest online mom and baby community.

The “Happy Snappy”

A social social media extension was shortlisted for the global Facebook Studio Awards in 2012, where it represented Sri Lanka, out of over 1,000 entries.

Our achievements

The Johnson’s Baby brand has won many prestigious awards, including the Gold award for ‘International Brand of the year’ at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2014 as well as the silver award at 2012 Effies for effective communication. Also the world’s No. 1 baby care brand, it was yet again declared the No. 1 baby care brand among unlisted brands in Sri Lanka for the 4th consecutive year by the 2016 edition of Brands Annual, compiled by Brand Finance and presented by Media Services.


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Personal Care

CIC’s Personal Care unit, represented by Johnson & Johnson offers four leading international brands to the consumer. These fall under the skin care, feminine hygiene and oral care categories, and are marketed and distributed by CIC Holdings.

  • Clean and Clear
  • Listerine
  • Stayfree
  • Neutrogena

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies touches more than a billion people’s lives each day through health care and personal care products.

For more than 125 years, the desire of the people in Johnson & Johnson make a difference in inspired every invention, every product.


Clean and Clear

We believe that the beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin. We believe that your skin is unique and that your skin care needs are constantly changing. We believe that the more you know about managing your skin, the better it will look. We believe that by getting noticeably clearer, more beautiful skin, you’ll become a more beautiful you. And we believe that we can help.

Clean & Clear range of products include Cleansers, Toners, Scrubs, Moisturisers and a range of fairness products.


See The Real Me

Show your true self, share your stories, and get real skincare results! Girls should be seen for who they really are, without any skin concerns getting in the way. #SeeTheRealMe is about girls showing the world who they really are and what makes them amazing.
See what See The Real Me is all about and be inspired to show off the real you!


LISTERINE® Mouthwash is the world’s number one daily mouthwash. Its antibacterial properties help clean the mouth, freshen breath, and fight plaque. Over 50 clinical studies support the plaque reduction efficacy of LISTERINE® Mouthwash when used routinely as an adjunct to mechanical plaque removal. LISTERINE® Mouthwash has been used by more than a billion people in more than 85 countries. Professional dental organizations around the world have awarded LISTERINE® Mouthwash their seals of acceptance.



Stayfree is a brand of feminine hygiene products targeted towards women who have to adapt to an increasingly busy lifestyle. Stayfree has understood that different women have different needs, and has created a comprehensive range of products to suit the needs of every woman.



Neutrogena is an internationally renowned brand sold in over 70 countries, and is recommended by Dermatologists worldwide. The Neutrogena brand is synonymous with premium quality health and beauty products. Neutrogena was founded upon creating simple yet extraordinary and high quality products. The admiration and integrity earned by the brand coupled with its unique acceptance by the medical profession makes Neutrogena the most trusted brand of skincare products across the globe.


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Pharmaceuticals – Agency Business

CIC Pharmaceuticals is involved in marketing and distribution of finished pharmaceutical formulations in Sri Lanka, representing world-renowned manufacturers of both research-based and branded products.


CIC Pharmaceuticals is guided towards excellence by professional leadership that counts many years of experience in the market. The unit is committed to quality and follows good business practices and work ethics.


The unit is well equipped with a modern warehouse facility and a well-recognised distribution network able to cater to any demand.


CIC Pharmaceuticals believes in constantly widening the horizon of qualitative healthcare delivery to meet all challenges faced by the nation.

Pharmaceuticals – Manufacturing

CIC Lifesciences has come under the CIC Holdings umbrella since 2012. CIC Lifesciences locally manufactures oral solid dose medication (own brand and generics) and imports analgesics, anti-ulcer drugs, drugs for diabetes control, and cough medicines (including expectorants) under own brand names from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.


CIC Lifesciences is a company that looks towards the future. To this end, it has taken steps to broaden its horizons by improving the current manufacturing plant to cater to Sri Lanka’s healthcare needs.


A total of sixteen new molecules will be manufactured as per current market demand. CIC Lifesciences is already supplying pharmaceutical finished formulations required by the Ministry of Health under guarantee by bank agreement ,as well as the private healthcare market.



Medical Devices

CIC Holdings’ Medical Devices unit provides medical and surgical devices in the medical care industry. The unit offers capital equipment and operational material for Orthopaedics, Neurology, Reconstruction Surgery and Physiotherapy as well as wound care and wound closure products, plastic surgery implants, and many other products. The business unit also provides trained staff to operate the equipment, to advice on upgrade decisions, to monitor capital equipment usage regularly, and to perform audits on the accuracy of results.


The Medical Devices unit’s clientele include private medical institutes, government hospitals, and individual surgeons. This list includes some of Sri Lanka’s leading hospitals.


One of the main factors in the success of this unit is the number of longstanding and successful relationships it has fostered with many research-based multinational corporations in European and US markets and the relationships built with hospitals and the medical profession in Sri Lanka.

The Medical Devices unit also supplies diagnostic equipment and reagents to government hospitals, private hospitals, and large private laboratories. Its state-of-the-art equipment is used in many of Sri Lanka’s large and medium scale labs. The unit provides 24-hour troubleshooting support as well as staff training programmes for its clients, as required. The unit plays a vital role in monitoring and maintaining the equipment it provides and to ensure that best practices are adhered to in order to achieve 100% accuracy in diagnostic reports.


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