The CIC Livestock Solutions sector is a key player in the field, synonymous with quality and expertise in the industry.


Activities of the sector include formulation and manufacture of animal feeds, poultry farming and processing, marketing of animal health products manufactured by globally renowned principals, breeding and sale of day old chicks for poultry farmers in the country and dairy breeding. Key competitive advantages include strong relationships with small and medium scale livestock farmers as well as an island wide distribution network coupled with an understanding of the issues along the entire supply chain.


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CIC Feeds is a business unit that produces and supplies animal feed and day-old broiler chicks to the Sri Lankan Market. The business is renowned as a supplier of high-quality feed and day-old broiler chicks to chicken farmers in the country. In addition, it shares expertise with the poultry and livestock industries, allowing it to maintain long-lasting relationships with small and medium-scale farmers in Sri Lanka.


CIC Feeds mainly focuses on the broiler, layer, poultry breeder and cattle markets and cattle markets, all where the company has a high level of penetration. This includes poultry and cattle farmers, who in turn can produce high quality chicken and eggs and dairy to the market. CIC Feeds mainly works in the upstream activities of the livestock supply chain as it is an expert producer of high quality feed, and day-old broiler chicks.


CIC Feeds started the operation of a new hatchery in the latter part of 2014 that includes state-of-the-art equipment. It also started a new breeder farm using the latest technology that increases breeder capacity.


The CIC Feeds plant is ISO 22000 / HACCP certified and has received the Gold award for the ‘Extra Large’ category of the Livestock and Fisheries sector at the National Business Excellence Awards in 2009, the Gold award in the ‘Large Scale Producer’ category for 2008 and 2009 at the Ag-Biz Awards, and the ‘Best Feed Manufacturer’ award for 2007 at the National Livestock Award ceremony conducted by the Ministry of Livestock Development.


Increasing per capita income in the country’s population is expected to affect the dietary habits of Sri Lankan, with chicken, eggs, and milk being integrated more into their diets as ways of supplementing their protein intake. This positive shift in the dietary habits of Sri Lankan consumers will lead to more demand for eggs, milk, and meat, affecting demand for the entire supply chain. As upstream manufacturers, CIC Feeds stands to gain from this increase in demand, and the overall outlook for CIC Feeds is positive.


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Dairy Breeding

CIC Holdings’ dairy breeding farms support the local dairy industry by upgrading the genetic make-up of the local herd, thereby contributing to the steady increase of dairy production of small-scale producers in the country.


The two 500-acre dairy breeding farms are in two locations: one in Welikanda in the Polonnaruwa District and the other in Punani in the Batticaloa District. Both farms currently have a herd of over 500 cows and buffaloes.


The development of these two farms, which are located in remote areas of the dry zone, was done with proper housing, pasturelands, reservoirs, and scientific herd management methodologies. They have succeeded in making significant strides in improving the genetic make-up of local cows by using a scientific breeding process. This has, in turn, contributed to cows being more productive and adaptable to the local environments. Both these factors together address major constraints in the development of the local dairy industry.


Fresh milk produced at these two farms is supplied to CIC Dairies, where a range of products is manufactured using it. The dairy breeding farms also supply genetically upgraded young heifers and cows to small-scale milk producers in their respective regions.


More information about CIC Dairy Breeding Farms can be obtained from the Farm Manager, on 027 3287442.


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CIC Poultry Farms manufactures and sells processed and chilled chicken products to the Sri Lankan business and consumer markets. CIC Poultry even produces its own brand of broiler chicken – “CIC Chicken” – that is now a household name in the country, and has a reputation as the best quality chicken available in the country.


Chicken Farming is highly resource efficient owing to the small amount of space and water needed. There is also a high conversion rate of feed to protein. Chicken is classified as a white meat, which is a healthier option than red meats such as beef, mutton, or pork. The lower association of religious strictures with chicken also makes it the most popular meat in the country. Despite this, Sri Lanka’s consumption of chicken is at a relatively low level (approximately 830 grams per month per capita according to the newest surveys and estimates). This, however, is expected to rise as per capita income increases with economic growth. There is, therefore, a lot of potential for growth in this industry. Chicken also has the added advantage of being the cheapest animal-based protein in the market, making the poultry industry a vital one for improved national nutrition.


Chicken has been price-controlled by the government since 2008, fueled by a shortage in supply owing to rising demand. This acts as an impediment to the growth of the poultry industry, and impacts a large number of families in Sri Lanka who depend on chicken farming.


CIC’s new broiler farm, opened in 2014, increased the capacity of chicken rearing, while the capacity of the processing plant was increased to accommodate this new supply. New equipment was installed to enable more automation and to reduce human handling of chicken. This enhances food safety and the shelf life of the meat. These investments have improved environmental performance owing to reduced emissions. The general outlook for this sector is positive as these investments will bring rewards in the future.


CIC Chicken products are renowned for quality and its traceability from its very own ISO 22000 / HACCP certified plant. CIC brand chicken is especially popular in the hospitality industry, as the chicken is of a high standard of quality, safety, and flavour. CIC Poultry also provides its produce to brands “Marvellous Chicken”, “Caterers Chicken”, and “Hubbard Chicken”. CIC brand chicken is packed in Cryovac bags that seal products completely, thereby ensuring minimal exposure to physical and chemical contaminants. CIC uses industry-best processing and freezing practices to ensure that all products created are of high quality and safety.




Sri Lanka’s livestock and poultry farming industries are showing an unprecedented rate of growth, causing a spike in demand for veterinary care products. CIC Vetcare is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of these industries and the ever growing pet animal market with its broad range of veterinary products manufactured by world renowned manufactures


CIC Vetcare offers a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, vitamins and minerals, feed additives, poultry farming equipment, anti-parasitic products, for many animal species as well as many other products related to animal husbandry. CIC Vetcare also caters to the household pet market, providing several off-the-shelf products. This includes top-of-the-line products that have been imported from reputed international suppliers.


Another service that CIC Vetcare provides is increasing awareness of veterinary care and veterinary products available. It does this by regularly distributing literature and by conducting training workshops utilising a network of expert field staff and veterinary surgeons to keep farmers and breeders up-to-date on current trends, risks, and technologies. CIC Vetcare also conducts sessions on best practises in taking care of livestock and provides one-on-one technical advice for poultry breeding companies, broiler buy back operators, and large or medium-scale farms.


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