Agri Business have an extensive product range for the Agriculture and Livestock industry, with such products as seed paddy, rice, fruit, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, curd, etc which are marketed under the CIC brand name, both in the local and international market. CIC Agri Business is committed to working with farmers to enhance farmers' incomes, improving the rural economies and the development of the agricultural industry in Sri Lanka.

Agri Business also provides its expertise in the acquisition, set up and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment. Also expertise has been groomed in the use of fertilizers and irrigation equipment to augment the produce of the business. CIC Agri Business extends a helping hand to the rest of the rural industry, by sharing this knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

CIC Agri Business has also received several recognitions for its quality, including ISO 9001:2008 (for the fertilizer and seeds arm of the business), HACCP (22000) for Gourmet Rice. Also Agri Business's retail arm, Fresheez and Juiceez have also received the HACCP certification.

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