The overarching policy across the CIC Group is to give priority wherever possible to sourcing supplies locally. At CIC Feeds 70% of raw materials used for animal feeds production is sourced locally. CIC Agri Businesses works with over 20,000 out-grower farmers and follow a completely local supply operation. Our Link Natural range, meanwhile, was founded on the philosophy of promoting local suppliers and sources a majority of its herbal raw materials locally.

Our stringent quality guidelines have lead suppliers to follow the CIC ethos of best practices in quality, consistency, systems and processes. This naturally translates to improving and developing the country's micro, small and medium enterprises.
From design to delivery, we imprint a stamp of responsibility on each product. At CIC, we partner with both local and international principals who do not compromise on ethics, quality and safety standards.

With pesticides performing a vital role in agriculture for preventing damage and achieving the expected yield, CIC takes seriously their responsibility to effectively educate the end user about their products. Thus, we provide extensive training to both staff and farmers on minimising impact to people and the environment in pest and disease control. Suitable safety measures are inculcated.

The Company regularly visits its suppliers to ensure that its quality standards are being met. Technical training programmes are organised on cultivation, harvesting and the primary processing of herbal raw materials.
Our operations, particularly in agriculture, require local knowledge and expertise to create best results. Similarly, in maintaining good customer and supplier relations, localised input presents an advantage. Our practice of recruiting from the locales where our businesses operate has introduced a local flavour which enhances our business and provides livelihoods for the surrounding community. CIC's Agricultural and Livestock sectors in particular recruit field staff from the adjoining environs wherever possible.

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