As an environmentally sensitive business and corporate leader, CIC strives to minimise any negative impact of its actions. Thus, in each of our entities, waste management practices, water preservation and energy conservation are constantly analysed, and systems introduced and implemented. Most of our subsidiaries comply with ISO standards, and some have taken a step further to gain ISO:14001 environmental standardisation as well.
The Group has a comprehensive triad for energy management within the Group:
Creating awareness among employees on the need to reduce energy consumption.
Reduction of energy consumption using advanced technology and production techniques.
Usage of alternative or own power sources wherever feasible.
Constant internal campaigns are cascaded to all employees to ensure that the message of energy reduction and efficient energy usage is at top-of-mind recall.

Wherever possible, CIC makes use of renewable energy sources. CIC Agri Businesses uses Gliricidia as a raw material for electricity generation and paddy husk as an alternative source of energy, while Link Natural Products uses solid waste to power its boiler.
CIC Agri Businesses engages in several initiatives to create a waste management culture. These include reusing 100% of its paddy straw as fertiliser while also using paddy husks as a bio-energy source. Animal waste is utilised for bio-gas production while the bags used are sorted and recycled.

Industrial Chemicals has continued to dispose of its sludge from the effluent plant by producing low grade adhesive bricks used for construction and powerful solvent based adhesives. Link Natural Products converts 90% of the solid waste from its factory into compost and reuses this waste for agricultural purposes.

Meanwhile, all waste from the poultry breeder houses at CIC Feeds is sold to farmers as agricultural fertiliser and is in high demand as an organic alternative. CIC Poultry Farms, meanwhile, processes its waste into value added by-products, yet another 100% conversion of waste, leaving no residue to contaminate the environment.

Since our business is largely involved with chemicals and toxic products which require extensive training on usage, safety, dispensation and discharge, employees involved in these areas of business are comprehensively trained not only in the rudiments of handling, but also in the environmentally friendly practices that need to be followed in dispensation and disposal.

Further, the Group encourages and places much emphasis on the Triple R concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and encourages all its entities to pursue as many initiatives aligned to this concept as possible.

At present, Research and Development is in progress on seed farms where yield trends have been produced with reduced water and fertiliser consumption. This is an attempt to create better yields with minimum environmental damage.
Wherever possible, ground water is used for all our operations and the necessary guidelines and processes are strictly followed to ensure non-contamination. Proper water management usage and conservation methods are widely publicised among employees.

Aware of our duty towards responsible water disposal, we have invested in sound water treatment plants and constantly monitor and analyse the water we dispose of in our laboratories to ensure it is clean and fit for human and animal habitats.
While we pride ourselves on our best practices in agriculture, we also strive to ensure that our agricultural inputs do not, in any way, negatively impact the rich biodiversity of the country. We strongly promote the natural biodiversity prevalent within the eco-systems of our farms and have designated green zones to encourage that biodiversity to thrive. For example, the Hingurakgoda farm is home to the resident spotted deer population, an endangered species in Sri Lanka.

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