As one of Sri Lanka’s leading blue-chip conglomerates, CIC Holdings PLC has the ability to adapt with the customer and the changing operating environment.


To this end, CIC leverages its significant prowess in research to successfully anticipate wants and needs which are constantly evolving, and to offer products and services which enhance the lives of its customers.


CIC Holdings owns and operate Seed, Soil, Tissue Culture and Food laboratories, and the company’s seed enterprise has made a significant impact in the local agriculture landscape with the extensive research and trials carried out on the farms, including the introduction of a new variety of rice- the Red Basmati rice which has a low glycaemic index,.CIC Holdings has capitalised on the opportunities presented as a result of research and development and productivity improvement in agriculture


Our Crop Solutions Business drives innovation by continuously surfing new molecules, technology and business models in the globe and  investing in research and development projects


Our product portfolio comprises Pesticides, Public Health and Plant Nutrition solutions. Pesticides include a vast range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides and a range of fertilizers and plant growth regulators as nutrient supplements and soil enhancers. Our product range in the public health category caters to the requirements of the general public, government tenders and special projects.


Research studies pertaining to these products are carried out with the thorough supervision and guidance of government institutions that are directly involved in regulating these activities.


Link Natural Products prides itself on its modern Research and Development facility which has successfully developed many innovative products. The R&D team is engaged in researching the treasures of the ancient Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicines, using state-of-the-art scientific technologies, enabling new frontiers to be developed. Our innovations are results of a combination of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, modern technology, innovative ideas and R & D capabilities.


Guidance from a panel of experience Ayurvedic practitioners and internationally recognized scientific and pharmaceutical consultants strengthen the R&D capabilities.


CIC Holdings latest innovation, as a result of its research is the use of agriculture drones for Precision Agriculture Practices – Smart Farming. The technology helps to scan fields and distribute agro chemicals and fertilizer with minimum human involvement and wastage using the drone and GPS technology.


CIC taking its commitment to research further has recently partnered with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) to implement their latest brainchild the “CIC Think Tank”. CIC is the first to partner with the latest state of the art research development facility of SLINTEC, the Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) which aims to attract and accommodate research and development institutes, multinational companies and small and medium enterprises, both local and international, to take advantage of the research, development and innovation that is bound to flourish in the enterprising ecosystem.


This innovation technique will reduce the misuse of agro chemicals (pesticides and fertilizer) while reducing the human exposure to agro chemicals in Sri Lanka. This method will also help to reduce the excess amount of agro chemicals and fertilizer released to the environment.
CIC will be offering this new technology as a service to the farming communities in Sri Lanka.


The ability of CIC Holdings to look ahead with a clear plan and focus on the future has been one of the company’s greatest strengths.


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