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CIC Holdings’ Herbal Care subsidiary is Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd. Established in 1982, this company is a pioneering knowledge-based research oriented player driven by a challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy of providing innovative, safe, and effective herbal products for the local and international markets. The Company’s products conform to the highest international standards as applicable in today’s competitive environment.


For over three decades, Link Natural Products has provided safe and effective herbal products to enhance the health and longevity of Sri Lanka’s population. Link Natural Products now serves its customers more than 200 high quality products in several categories, including herbal health care products, herbal personal care products, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, essential oils, and oleoresins.


The company has grown to be one of the most respected and reliable herbal healthcare companies in the country.


Since its inception, Link Natural Products has practiced a unique approach to product development. This innovative approach combined traditional wisdom of Ayurveda with modern science and technology to deliver results that have gained widespread trust and credibility.


Link Natural Products introduced Link Samahan in 1995, based on a solid foundation laid by a profound understanding of manufacturing high quality herbal products such as essential oils and Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals. Link Samahan was a result of many years of thorough research, and has now become Link’s flagship product and the leading cold remedy in the country. Brands such as Link Sudantha toothpaste and Link Kesha herbal hair oil that were launched subsequently have quickly become successful household names in Sri Lanka.

Link Natural Products was the first company in Sri Lanka to use the practice of using scientific clinical trials to bring credibility to the claims made by products. The company understands the value of conducting scientific research to build evidence that can confirm the safety and efficacy of its products. Clinical trials conducted on herbal products such as Link Samahan and Link Sudantha have clearly shown that scientific evidence complements traditional claims.


Link Natural Products has a modern manufacturing facility that produces safe and efficacious products in a highly productive and environmentally friendly manner. It also ensures that the highest standards of quality are maintained. The comprehensively integrated manufacturing facility conforms to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and GMP standards as well as HACCP for products. On top of this, the manufacturing facility is a totally eco-friendly “Green Complex”, where a zero waste policy is maintained.


The company manages to maintain environmental sustainability by adopting environmentally friendly processes throughout all its operations. From its inception, Link Natural Products has taken great care to protect the biodiversity of Sri Lanka. The company ensures the herbal ingredients are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner, and promotes good agricultural practices.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Link Natural Products’ corporate strategy. The company is strongly committed to its social responsibility and carries out a range of CSR initiatives that make a significant positive impact on society.


A consumer-centric approach to business, an excellent research and development capability, new investments, aggressive expansion, and strict financial controls have helped build a formidable portfolio for the company. Link Natural Products continues to achieve encouraging results despite volatile market conditions through the implementation of focused initiatives.


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Herbal Personal Care

CIC’s Herbal Personal care products include a wide range of personal care products manufactured by Link Natural Products (Pvt.) Ltd, a subsidiary of CIC Holdings.


The basic concepts behind beauty and the use of cosmetics are as old as civilisation itself. Evidence can be found that women have been obsessed with looking beautiful throughout history. Today’s cosmetics industry is highly saturated with a wide range of products available in the market. Trends have changed drastically from chemical-based cosmetics to natural- and herbal-based products and looking beautiful without compromising long-term health. Herbal cosmetics are enjoying a revival and are growing in popularity throughout the world. Herbal cosmetic products are milder, safer, and as effective.



Earth Essence

Earth Essence is a brand of premium herbal cosmetics products produced by Link Natural Products. This range of herbal cosmetics offer protection and nourishment for the body as well as hair and skin. The range also improves overall health owing to the medicinal value of ingredients used. The Earth Essence range includes products that provide hair care, bath and body care, skin care, and hand and foot care. Special skin care products that target wrinkles, stretch marks, and sunburn as well as an exclusive range of spa products, including body massage oils, essential oils, and oil blends, are also available. The main active ingredients for the Earth Essence range are locally-sourced herbal products such as Gotukola (Centella asiatica), Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Sandalwood ( Santalum album), Welmee (Liquorice – Glycerrhiza glabra) and Venivel (Coscinium fenestratum), which have long been proven to promote health. These herbal ingredients also have cosmetic benefits that are time tested. The manufacturing process uses formulations that have been derived from a combination of trusted Ayurvedic knowledge and modern science and technology. Stringent quality control measures are adopted in all stages of manufacturing and packaging to ensure that customers are provided the best herbal personal care products on the market.


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