CIC Manussakama

‘CIC Manussakama’ is a multi-dimensional CSR initiative consisting of several programmes that are multifaceted in their nature and approach.


‘CIC Manussakama’ was launched in 2008 with the objective of uplifting the lives of rural agricultural communities spread across Sri Lanka. This unique concept was instrumental in addressing the many needs of the rural communities and attracted many local and international accolades for its significant ability to transform lives through positive reinforcement.


The flagship event under ‘Manussakema’, ‘CIC Soora Goviya’ was carried out consecutively for four years from 2009 to 2013. This competition sought to positively recognize and reward young agricultural entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka. This novel concept was highly successful as it was able to create social recognition for these enterprising youth hailing from agricultural backgrounds along with rightfully recognizing their potential and capacity in the agricultural industry.


CIC has been always extending their fullest support to school-going children through its scholarship programmes. Every year, 75 high achievers of the Year 5 scholarship programme receive CIC scholarships pledging to support them till they complete their school years.



Danuma Danaya

‘Danuma Danaya’, another such initiative targeting the students sitting for Advanced Level examinations has been carried out by CIC successfully over the past years. It consists of over 30 Advanced levels seminars reaching out across rural communities Furthermore, personality building, positive thinking and inculcating aesthetic appreciation play a major part in building the skills and knowledge of the youngsters in this programme.



Link Natural’s CSR

Link Natural’s CSR initiatives are focused on three areas of great importance, Education, Healthcare and Rural Economic Development.


Link Natural contributes to uplift the healthcare of our consumers with a range of products. Health awareness programs are conducted island wide reaching over 500000 people annually through many initiatives such as island wide awareness programs and dental clinics focusing on the people who do not have access to professional dental care.


The company also supports the infrastructure development of less privileged rural hospitals and selected urban hospitals and extends its helping hands to the people in need, when situations such as, adverse climatic conditions, natural disasters, disease epidemics make people’s life difficult.


Link Natural has initiated “Ugathamana” Student competency development project with the objective of building an excellent school and competent students. In addition to enhancing academic knowledge this project has now been expanded to uplift student’s personality, leadership skills and attitudes and to strengthen the relationships between students and teachers.


Rural economy development

Out Grower Projects

The Company partners with local farmers across Sri Lanka to grow medicinal plants. They also provide seeds, financial assistance to upgrade agricultural technology, technical assistance and training in good agricultural practices and buy back agreements for their harvests. Thus the Company has been able to get quality raw materials while contributing livelihood development of farmers and rural economic development.


The Company also supports agriculture by providing jobs ensuring sustainability through backward integration.


CIC Feeds has provided scholarships for students, developed schools and places of worship.


Chemanex has taken a long term mantle of improving the standard of English education in the Sangabodhi Vidyalaya situated in Mahiyanganaya.


Additionally through the Chemanex Trust Fund, students in secondary and higher education are supported as the Company provides commercial training for undergraduates from various local universities, thereby providing them with practical work experience and making them more employable and attractive to recruiters.


Chemanex expects to positively impact approximately 1000 families through these activities,


At CIC Holdings, Johnson and Johnson invests in educational initiatives based on its core business. As such, the Company takes steps to raise awareness and promote education amongst pregnant mothers on health and development for themselves and their babies. The Company supports the conducting of educational sessions for pregnant mothers at the De Soysa Maternity Hospital, Kethumathi Maternity Hospital, and Castel Street Hospital for Women on a weekly and monthly basis.



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